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Chemical Grade Chromite



Chromite (FeCr2O4) is a mineral composed of chromium, iron and oxygen with a high specific density. The colour of chromite is dark gray to black with a slightly metallic look.
Chemical Grade Chromite grains are sub-angular and sized between 0 – 1 mm.


Applications and markets

Chemical Grade Chromite is mainly used in the chemical and pigment industries, but also as base material in sliding gate mixes or plugging sands in ladles in the steel industry.



At Plomp Mineral Services, we supply LG6 Chemical Grade Chromite, origination the Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine in South Africa, with the following general specification:

    • Chemical: Cr2O3  minimum 46 %  |  SiO2 maximum 1 %
    • Physical sizing: 0 – 1 mm

Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) will be sent on request.

Minerals like chromite don’t have to be registered under REACH.



We supply our Chemical Grade Chromite in bulk and big bags and can deliver by truck, container, rail, barge and ship from our stocks.

Besides Chemical Grade we also offer Foundry Grade Chromite Sand and Metallurgical Grade Chromite.

Are you interested in our Chemical Grade Chromite?  Please feel free to contact us!