Plomp Mineral Services concentrate on the supply of a limited number of carefully selected industrial minerals.

Our key products are:


How we manage

The high quality-standards of our staff as to specific requirements is acknowledged by many satisfied customers world-wide.


All our products are monitored from mine/producer to customer. Extensive records are kept in our files so that all these products can be tracked and traced easily.

In order to safeguard the consistent quality of our products and our services, we have implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 1998.

Company news

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Our decarbonization project

It became increasingly clear to us that we have to meet our energy needs in a different way. Solar energy is the greenest, cleanest and most sustainable energy available.


Therefore we installed more than 500 solar panels at our processing plant in Deventer which supply 100% of our needs in electric energy for processing our chrome ores.

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